My work here is done

Well it looks like Buzznet's interface has finally gone 'full retard'. And I'm moving to another pic site, so I'm removing most of my pics…
contraryguy Sep 13, 2010

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contraryguy Sep 01, 2010
Keep on truckin'pic

Keep on truckin'

Today's lucky shot. Custer County, OK.
contraryguy Sep 01, 2010
please do notpic

please do not

Blackberry dump series.
contraryguy May 02, 2010
takin it easypic

takin it easy

Blackberry dump series. Port Columbus airport. Note the wheels for easy moving.
contraryguy May 02, 2010

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contraryguy Sep 14, 2009

Contraryguy's Photo Stream

3 new pics
contraryguy Sep 07, 2009
Here's Looking at Youpic

Here's Looking at You

red cherry shrimp, new addition to the 10 gallon tank
contraryguy Jun 12, 2009
New Digspic

New Digs

new home for the local minor league baseball team. The Columbus Clippers. Ring your bell, yo.
contraryguy Apr 22, 2009
And maters, toopic

And maters, too

The big maters refuse to ripen... why do they mock me so? btw, astute (or hopeless) viewers of my pics will recognize the colander. Some props…
contraryguy Jul 23, 2008

Elephant head

Ausable Chasm, upstate NY the 'head' represents the intersection of two minor fault zones which make up part of the valley; for scale, look at the…
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contraryguy Jun 24, 2008


St. Peter's Church and Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls, NY. Stayed in the casino pictured here; very nice, very pricey. Wanted a picture of the…
contraryguy Jun 18, 2008
Portrait Detailpic

Portrait Detail

3 Marines from Lima Company, of the 22 Marines and Navy Corpsman who are depicted in this exhibit. The portraits are relatively life-size, and the…
contraryguy May 31, 2008
Floor, Statehouse Rotundapic

Floor, Statehouse Rotunda

to compare with the dome picture a few images back.
contraryguy May 26, 2008
loaded gun... or is it loose cannon?pic
Go Ahead, Make My Daypic

Morning plants

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contraryguy Aug 22, 2007
Mr Mojo Bronzinpic
another head for avatarspic

another head for avatars

choices, choices
contraryguy Jun 10, 2007
Red, White and Bluepic

Red, White and Blue

Murals and marketing collide; Bucyrus, Ohio. Original date: August 20, 2006. Redated for U.S. Memorial Day 2007.
contraryguy May 28, 2007
from the road: Gateway to Naturepic

from the road: Gateway to Nature

on the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC.
contraryguy May 20, 2007
from the road: A night at the dog track with Mompic

from the road: A night at the dog track with Mom

We had one winner each. Derby Lane, St Pete FL.
contraryguy May 19, 2007
Red Headpic
from the roadpic
from the roadpic

from the road

Somewhere on the road. Not sure where.
contraryguy May 13, 2007
the slash-like mouthpic
The crowd witnesses a record gamepic

The crowd witnesses a record game

Note the score; this is part way through the first half of the Tennessee/LongBeachState game. The final score was 121-86, a record-tying score for a…
contraryguy Mar 25, 2007
Hayden Falls, movievid

Hayden Falls, movie

same stuff, in motion
contraryguy Mar 02, 2007
Trippy Coppervid

Trippy Copper (still photo)

View the video to get the real picture.
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contraryguy Jan 20, 2007
Ok, ok, some fall colorpic

Ok, ok, some fall color

Been busy working, no time to spend traveling around on a beautiful day like this... but the vines (which turn color early) were right out…
contraryguy Oct 07, 2006
a statue againpic
Old tyme Base Ballpic

Old tyme Base Ball

Check out the guy on the far right... he's the umpire! In general the game looks like fun... plays fast (no warmup tosses and all that…
contraryguy Sep 03, 2006
Bratwurst Festival, Bucyrus, Ohiopic

Bratwurst Festival, Bucyrus, Ohio

What must it mean, to be the Bratwurst Queen? Oh the stories she could tell....
contraryguy Aug 20, 2006
A Scanner Darklypic
Tie Dye Flower Powerpic

Tie Dye Flower Power

Must admit I like the color from this camera. 2006 Comfest, Columbus, Ohio
contraryguy Jun 25, 2006
Painted Peepspic

Painted Peeps

2006 Comfest, Columbus, Ohio
contraryguy Jun 25, 2006
Nice Day for a Ballgamepic
2006 World Cup, baby!pic
Da Schottpic

Da Schott

Schottenstein Center, Ohio State University, Cols OH USA
contraryguy Apr 09, 2006


FiestaWare and other goodies, North Market, Columbus, Ohio.
contraryguy Feb 13, 2006
Winter through a lens - editpic

Winter through a lens - edit

Was playing with PS Elements and the noise filter.... maybe a bit too artsy for me, but I thought I'd share.
contraryguy Feb 11, 2006
pizza hatpic
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